Welcome to the Public Website of East London & City Local Optical Committee

Please explore  our site by clicking on the tabs above which are drop down menus. We aim to make this site a useful resource for all in the area. For professionals in the area wishing to access the secure section, this is accessible through www.primaryhealthnet.com. You will need a special code to access this so please email londonsoutheast@jclconsulting.co.uk for a code and instructions. If you are already registered, you can login This will then display the LOC menu bar as well as the Public Menu. Both sites are now available to registered personnel on the same platform.

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For feedback or queries or if you have any issues that you feel the LOC should discuss at its next meeting, please email londonsoutheast@jclconsulting.co.uk.

For general feedback and queries regarding this website, please also e-mail londonsoutheast@jclconsulting.co.uk.